Floyd's Folly

September 11-13, 2015

Confederate Command Staff

Brigade Commander: Dave Pridgeon

36th Virginia Infantry: TBA

45th Virginia Infantry: TBA

50th Virginia Infantry: Thomas "Skip" Owens

Impression Guidelines
The CS impressions at Floyds Folly will represent the volunteer who served in southern West Virginia in 1861. The majority of these men mustered in at Wytheville, VA before May 1861 with some seeing action by July in the Kanwaha River Valley. Review these guidelines and use your best judgement whenever putting your impression together as these guidelines will be strictly enforced. All items will be of correct material and construction.


Confederate Uniform and Equipment Guidelines

All items will be of correct material and construction


Civilian Headwear

Wheel Cap

Militia Headwear

1858 US Dress Hat*

Commutation Jacket/Coat
Battle Shirt
Civilian Coat/Overshirt
Federal-style Enlisted Frock*

Civilian Pattern
Dark blue wool in US pattern*

Military or Civilian brogans or boots** 

Cotton webbing is preferred but not required
Any early style leather accoutrements properly constructed of quality material.
Belts can be roller buckle, frame style, or belt plate.
Limited US issue **

Militia/Civilian Style knapsack
M1853/55 US Issue Knapsack**

Unpainted with button/buckle closure**
Painted with button/buckle closure**

Wooden Canteen "Cheesebox" Style w/ appropriate strap
Tin Drum Canteen w/ appropriate strap
US Issue M1858 Smoothside w/ appropriate strap and covering**

Personal Items/Mess Equipment:
Use your best judgement. Items must be of correct construction and appropriate for the time period. 

Confederate Arms Guidelines

1841 Mississippi Rifle

M1816, M1822,or M1835 Springfield/Harpers Ferry Muskets 

(Converted to percussion)

1842 Springfield/Harpers Ferry Musket

1855 Springfield Rifled-Musket

(Contract Rifles Allowed)

1853 Enfield .577 Caliber Rifled-Musket

*Pre-War Virginia State Militia uniforms mirrored US regulation uniforms. Some organizations at Carnifex Ferry have been documented wearing these uniforms.

**On August 26, 1861 Floyd's army attacked and routed the 7th Ohio Infantry at Kessler's Cross Lanes. A large quantity of US equipment was left behind and captured. As many as 5% of Floyd's men might have used captured US/OVM equipment.