Floyd's Folly

September 11-13, 2015

Federal Command Staff

Brigade Commander: Scot Buffington

9th Ohio Infantry

Company B: Donald Jones

10th Ohio Infantry: TBA

Company A: Ian Broadhead

Company B: Andy Roscoe

Company C: Bob Bowser

Company E: Simon Taylor

13th Ohio Infantry: TBA

Company A: TBA

Company B: TBA

Company C: TBA

Company D: TBA


Impression Guidelines
The US impressions at Floyds Folly will represent the volunteer who served in southern West Virginia in 1861. The majority of these men mustered in at Camp Dennison, OH from May through July and did not see action until Carnifex Ferry in September 1861. Review these guidelines and use your best judgement whenever putting your impression together as these guidelines will be strictly enforced. All items will be of correct material and construction. 


Federal Uniform & Equipment Guidelines

Applies to all Unit impressions


Preferred: US Issue Forage Cap

Accepted: Undressed US Issue Dress Hat


Preferred: US Issue Dress Coat (Frock Coat)

Accepted: 4-button Fatigue Blouse


Preferred: US Issue (Gray/Red) Flannel Shirt

Accepted: Civilian Pattern


Preferred: US Army Issue – Dark Blue

Accepted: US Army Issue – Sky Blue


Jefferson Bootees


US Issue


Preferred: US Issue Tarred

Accepted: Ohio State Pattern


US Issue Smoothside w/ appropriate strap and covering .


Preferred: US Army Issue

Accepted: Pre-war Militia Hardpack

Accepted: Blanket Roll


US Issue Blanket


Pattern 1839 or 1857 US Cartridge Box

US Cap Pouch

Pattern 1851 or 1859 US Bayonet Scabbard

US Issue Waist Belt (No Brass Keepers)


Perferred: Ohio Volunteer Militia (OVM)

Accepted: US Issue

Personal Items:

Use your best judgement. Items must be of correct construction and appropriate for the time period. 

Federal Arms Guidelines

9th Ohio Infantry

Preferred: 1842 US Percussion Muskets

Accepted: 1855 Springfield Rifle Muskets

Reluctantly Accepted: 1853 Enfield Musket

                                               1861 Springfield Rifle Musket

10th Ohio Infantry

Preferred: 1842 US Percussion Muskets

Accepted: 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket**

Reluctantly Accepted: 1855 Springfield Rifle Muskets 

                                1861 Springfield Rifle Musket

13th Ohio Infantry

Preferred: 1842 US Percussion Muskets

Accepted: 1853 Enfield Rifled Muskets**

Reluctantly Accepted: 1855 Springfield Rifle Muskets

                                 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket

*Our US guidelines were formed based on information taken from Abstracts of the Clothing Receipt books where it detailed what the units were issued as well as from the Camp Dennison return books showing what was received at the camp and was was issued out during May-July 1861. 

**Enfield Rifled Muskets are listed in the 1862 Executive Documents of the Ohio Assembly as having been issued to both the 10th and 13th Ohio Infantries. Of the 1,999 weapons issued upon enlistment to these two regiments 390 of them are listed as Enfields.