Floyd's Folly

September 11-13, 2015



Registration is officially OPEN!

After a long wait, registration for Floyd's Folly is officially open. Registration will be limited to 250 US and 175 CS. Confederate spots are tentatively filled however there are plenty of Federal spots still available

If you believe you are with a group that is already allotted spots for CS please contact your unit commander and they can provide you with your registration code. Without this code your registration will NOT be accepted. Each code has an allotted number of positions so do NOT give them out freely otherwise you will cause your unit to lose their spaces. If you have any questions regarding this please contact Stephen Pavey at either: [email protected] or call (304) 640-8887. 

Companies must have 25 men or they will be consolidated. Each company/battalion chosen will have their own specific scenarios and goals throughout the weekend. If you would be interested in forming one of these companies please let us know by emailing: [email protected] 

Below is the Floyd's Folly registration form. Please review the Rules and Regulations prior to registering! The cost of registration is going to be $25 which includes your rations for the weekend. After June 15 registration will INCREASE to $35. Please print off the form and send a check payable to: 


and mail to:
7th West Virginia Infantry 
c/o Donald Jones 
PO Box 132, Kenna, WV 25248

If you would prefer to do everything online rather than sending it by mail please fill out the below form, send $25 via paypal (as a gift) to [email protected] and forward the registration form to [email protected] 


Registration Form

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Registered Already? Click Here to confirm!


Federal Impressions

Confederate Impressions

9th Ohio Infantry

1 Company: 25 Men

10th Ohio Infantry

5 Companies: 125 Men

13th Ohio Infantry

4 Companies: 100 Men

36th Virginia Infnatry

1 Company: 25 Men

50th Virginia Infantry:

3 Companies: 75 Men

45th Virginia Infantry:

2 Companies: 50 Men



For information relating to the scenarios being planned for Floyds Folly please click here.