Floyd's Folly

September 11-13, 2015

Rules and Regulations

Authenticity Requirements

Uniforms and equipment must follow the impression guidelines posted. All uniform and equipment items must be of the material and construction of 1861 as well as insignia should match what appeared in 1861. Detailed guidelines can be found at http://campgauley.webs.com.

All specialty impressions must be approved prior to the event by designated event staff. Their decision to include or exclude an impression or uniform shall be final. If you have questions or requests regarding this, please contact Donald Jones, who is in charge of the Floyd’s Folly registration, at [email protected] (This includes but is not limited to Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, “Stonewall” Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Belle Boyd, Clara Barton, vivandiers, Native Americans, Zouaves, marines, etc. They were not at Carnifex Ferry in 1861, and we do not want them to grace us with their presence in 2015.)

All participants must remain in period dress after checking in/parking their vehicles until the end of the event. Cars are NOT permitted in the camp areas between 10pm Friday and the end of the event on Sunday. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Towing you is not how we want to support the local economy, but we will if it becomes necessary. 

No dead animal parts are permitted. This includes but is not limited to plumes, furs, bucktails, etc unless historic documentation of their presence at Carnifex Ferry can be provided to the organizers prior to the event. 

Anachronisms are prohibited. This includes modern clothing, modern watches, modern food containers, modern eyeglasses, duct tape, ice coolers, and modern tobacco products. They survived without it or got their fixes in other ways; you can, too. Keep modern medication containers out of sight. 

Safety Requirements

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, you will adhere to the Floyd’s Folly safety standards. In addition to the members of the host unit, the 36th Virginia Infantry/7th West Virginia, Co. B all officers and NCOs of the invited units are charged with responsibility of enforcing the following safety regulations. Any violation is to be reported to the company and battalion commanders or their designees. The park service, event staff, and overall military commanders have the final say so pertaining to what is permitted onto the field. Failure to do so will result in being asked to correct the situation and failure to comply will result with ejection from the event. Your registration fee will be forfeited and is nonrefundable. Safety is our #1 priority. We are here to make sure everyone has a fun and SAFE time. The following regulations apply to all simulated combat situations during the event.

  • RAMRODS: Ramrods will not be used during engagement scenarios. The only exception is for safety check or for cleaning a fouled piece. In the event this occurs please alert an NCO and attend to this in a safe manner to the rear of the firing line. 

  • HALFCOCK: Every musket must have a functional halfcock. This will be inspected prior to engagements.

  • AMMUNITION:  Projectiles, including musket and minié balls, are not permitted at any time. Cartridges must be secured IN TINS in the cartridge box or in arsenal packs. No weapons are to be discharged outside engagement scenarios unless under supervision of a company officer/NCO.

  • CLOSE COMBAT: Hand-to-hand combat is forbidden unless it has been scripted and approved prior to the engagement scenarios.  AT NO TIME WILL A FIREARM, LOADED OR UNLOADED, BE LEVELED AT ANY INDIVIDUAL AT CLOSE RANGE (30 YARDS OR LESS).

  • DRILL: Every individual who expects to participate in any engagement scenarios MUST participate in any drills planned and/or assigned by overall/battalion/company commanders. If you do not drill then you will not be allowed to participate in planned scenarios. The only exception is in the event an individual has been assigned, by his officer, another duty during this time. Event staff/Overall commanders will have the final say in this matter.

  • AGE LIMIT: Participants must be 16 years of age or older to participate in the line-of-battle and no-one under that age is permitted to carry or handle a firearm. Participants between the ages of 13 and 15 will only be permitted on the field as FUNCTIONING musicians. This is for both authenticity and safety. While we acknowledge the importance of what civilians offer to authentic reenactments, the civilians in the area of the Patterson farm left several days prior to the engagement at Carnifex Ferry. Therefore, this will be a strictly military reenactment, and one must have a functioning military role in order to register and participate unless prior permission is given by event staff. ALL MINORS must have a parent or guardian present to participate. 


  1. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Violators will be immediately removed from the event. 

  1. Conspicuous consumption of alcoholic beverages will result in immediate removal from the event. Drunkenness and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

  1. Officers and NCOs are responsible for the actions of their men. All men are answerable to their superior officers. Those not following orders from their commanders will be asked to leave. 

  1. Each camp will have, maintain, and utilize a military chain of command as was practiced in 1861. Command structure will be established before the event. CS troops will be in garrison (tents are allowed) thus company streets must reflect regulations. US troops will be representing those on campaign thus US forces will not have a permanent camp. As we are on original ground, ONLY one fire will be allowed per company